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Natural Chronic Pain Relief Part Two

Conventional medicine so often relies heavily on pain medication to reduce or block pain but there are some natural approaches you can take to address pain.

There are many unhealthy stressors that create inflammation and pain that affect the body's ability to heal itself. People can have exposure to many varied stressors, which leaves them especially vulnerable to experiencing chronic pain, even in cases involving relatively minor physical injuries. Stressors may include: emotional stress, unhealthy diet, dental disease, dehydration, digestion issues, structural imbalances, electromagnetic radiation, mold or chemicals in the home or office, emotional trauma, air pollution or pet dander. 


There are a range of strategies to support the immune system, raise alkalinity in the body and enhance cellular performance, which help support the healing process and may reduce inflammation and pain. 

Hear Julianne O'Dwyer share cutting edge techniques, superfoods and supplements that calm inflammation and speed up healing at the cellular level. For over 20 years, she had to learn for herself how to overcome chronic pain due to sports injuries, car accidents, mercury amalgam toxicity, Lyme disease, hormone & thyroid imbalances, candida and mold toxicity.  

As a Health & Wellness Coach with National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) in Washington, DC, Julianne provides education and support to help clients achieve health and wellness goals. Click here to learn more about Julianne's background and NIHA’s Health Essential Coaching Program

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