We help you navigate down the right path where medications, balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle interact in harmony for optimal wellness.
— Elsa Lam, Founder

Get More Energy, Inspiration and Joy with Your Next Prescriptions

It’s time to fill your prescriptions! Is it the highlight of your day?

Likely not. A typical trip to the pharmacy can be a source of anxiety or boredom. You stand in line, wait, get asked questions about your coverage, and if you are lucky, the pharmacist smiles.

At Golden Health Pharmacy, we want to brighten your day. Get pampering with your prescriptions!

•Feeling tired? When you take a drug for a chronic illness, it can cause you to have nutritional deficiencies, leading to that tired feeling. Your doctor will often tell you to just get more exercise and hand you a list of foods to eat, but not necessarily explain what the drug is doing to your body or nutrition. As we fill your prescriptions, we’ll tell you about likely dietary issues being caused by your prescriptions, and suggest supplements or a customized smoothie that we’ll make for you on-the-spot. Enjoy a refreshing break with a boost of protein, minerals, vitamins or other important ingredients that can bring your energy up.

•Feeling uninspired? Imagine that you are heading home to make dinner after picking up your prescriptions, and once again, you don’t know what to make. We offer cooking demonstrations in the evenings with fewer than five ingredients that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Head home and impress your family while helping everyone stay healthy.

•Feeling down? Waiting for a prescription is boring. Instead of standing around or staring at your phone, enjoy a 40 minute session in our saunas with infrared light and sound therapy, where you can choose lighting and sound to address muscle pain, exhaustion or just enjoy a rainbow of positivity. It helps you burn calories as you relax. It sounds surprising, but National Institute of Health studies are showing the health improvements caused by saunas and this type of lighting and sound. I tried it and found a big improvement in my spirits!

My name is Elsa and I have been a pharmacist in traditional, big-box pharmacies for more than 25 years. I was that person behind the counter carefully checking your prescriptions. My dream is to help people have total health, and I now realize that just preparing prescriptions is not the only way. My dad was a pharmacist so I have been thinking about this for a long time. 

Bringing Golden Health Pharmacy to our community fulfills my life dream, so I look forward to providing excellent pharmaceutical services – and we take most insurance plans – while also helping you build total health through nutrition and other alternative therapies.

One more amazing thing about my new independent pharmacy - do you have any allergies to medicines, toothpaste, skincare creams, suntan lotion or any other personal care items? What about your children or pets? 

In my pharmacy, I have built a specialized room called a compounding room. It allows me to mix customized medications and personal care items to help people with allergies or other specialized medical needs. Having a compounding room means I can deliver your prescriptions in different forms to make it easier for you:

•I can add any scent or taste. 
•I can put your medication in a lollipop, a skin patch, a cream or a liquid. 
•I can combine multiple medications into one so you don’t have to take so many medications individually. 
•I can make a pain gel that reduces your pain without the side effects of brain fogginess. 

I even compound products for pets! So if you think your cat is more likely to take its medication if it is tuna-flavored, I can help!

I know that regulations around compounding are going to increase, so that’s why I built this state-of-the-art
compounding room. Safety is our utmost concern. Many pharmacies compound products in the same space where they prepare other prescriptions or even by the sink! The walls are all windows, so you can watch me making your products. I also invested in expensive equipment to do quality assurance on all my prescriptions. When my pharmacy was inspected, it received a perfect score in all areas!

We live in a country where too many people are sick with chronic illnesses, even though we have the best doctors and hospitals. Let Golden Health Pharmacy help you achieve your health goals while sipping a delicious smoothie!

Kind Regards,

Elsa Lam, RPh, HC