Learn how to balance your medications, wholesome nutrition, and healthy lifestyle for optimal wellness.
— Elsa Lam, Founder

More Energy, Inspiration & Joy

•Feeling tired? When you take a drug for a chronic illness, it can upset the balance of nutrients in your body. Nutritional deficiencies can make us feel tired and lethargic, along with a variety of other undesirable effects. Your doctor will often tell you to just get more exercise and hand you a list of foods to eat, but do you understand exactly how the drug is affecting your internal landscape? We want to answer your questions and help you understand how to replenish your system, so that you can restore your body to its best state.

•Feeling uninspired? There are many resources in your area to help you on your journey to wellness. From shopping for fresh, organic produce, to cleaning your home without using toxic chemicals, we can help. We often host meet-ups and lectures in the Pharmacy after-hours to encourage our community to grow together and learn how to be more wholesome, healthier individuals. We can refer you to resources that will help you and your family make smart decisions for wholesome nutrition and overall wellness.

•Feeling down? Golden Health Pharmacy is home to two Sunlighten Infrared Saunas, which can help you relax, detoxify, sweat, and sleep better. The infrared rays penetrate deep layers of tissue in the body, and the sauna is therapeutic because of its ability to raise the core body temperature, rather than merely heating the air. Combined with light and sound therapy, a 45-minute session in the Infrared Sauna is just the thing to help you relax and raise your spirits. After your session, enjoy one of our delectable smoothies, made fresh for you.

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My name is Elsa and I have been a pharmacist in traditional, big-box pharmacies for more than 25 years. I was that person behind the counter carefully checking your prescriptions. I decided to leave and open my own pharmacy because I believe that prescription medications are only one part of total wellness. The other part, which so many of us struggle with on a daily basis, is proper nutrition.

Golden Health Pharmacy is a wellness center. Besides filling prescriptions, we carry professional grade, all-natural supplements, the likes of which cannot be found in your supermarket. Our research shows us why we can trust the brands behind these high quality supplements, and our clients and customers have told us that these supplements truly work -- otherwise, we wouldn't invest in them. So, how do you know which supplements you need?

We do blood draws in the pharmacy for Spectracell Micronutrient Testing. This panel is highly detailed and allows us insight into your nutritional balance, so we can see what your body is lacking, and recommend steps you can take to reverse the harmful effects of such an imbalance. The variety of tests available allows you to customize your panel based on what you want to know about what's going on inside.

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Golden Health Pharmacy is a Custom Compounding Pharmacy. This means that we can customize your medications to suit your needs. While other pharmacies may compound in the same space that they prepare other medications, Golden Health has a glass-walled room dedicated solely to compounding. Safety is our utmost concern. Our compounding room is filled with top of the line equipment to ensure the accuracy and efficacy of your prescription medications.

If you have allergies or special medical needs, we can compound your medications so that they are easier for you to take.

          • We can add any scent or taste. 
          • We can put your medication in a lollipop, a skin patch, a cream, or a liquid. 
          • We can make a pain gel that reduces your pain without the side effects of brain fog.
          • We can combine multiple medications into one so you don’t have to take so many medications individually. 

We also help many clients with compounding for their pets. We can create an oil-based suspension with delicious flavors the furry ones love, such as chicken, beef, and fish.

Even though America is home to some of the best medical professionals and hospitals in the world, so many Americans suffer the debilitating effects of their illnesses. Your body is a miracle of working systems, and it can heal. But it needs the nutrition to do so. Come in and talk to us about how to optimize your health and live your best life!

Kind Regards,

Elsa Lam, RPh, HC, FDN-P